Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Signed and Sealed

One freshly re-vamped CV plus one covering letter complete!

Signed, sealed and ready for delivery.

I finally put a reasonable covering letter together.  I say reasonable because I'm not 100% happy with it but if I don't send something out soon I'll never get anywhere.  It's good enough for a first attempt.

This evening I shall be hand-delivering it to a nearby dental practice.  Wherever I find employment I shall of course be bound by confidentiality, so for this reason any practice names will be fictional, as will any names of work colleagues and patients.

So I shall be referring to this practice as Ten-Minute Ltd - simply because it doesn't take me ten minutes to walk to it!   That would be incredibly convenient - no need to drive, ergo no parking charges or petrol to pay out for.  Easy commute, minimal disruption in bad weather and I'm home in no time at the end of the day.

Ten-Minute is also only open weekdays - no need to work weekends at all!

Convenience is the main allure for this one.  Although I'm not expecting miracles with my first direct application.  It's nice to hope but I have to realistic at the same time.


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