Thursday, 3 May 2012


[Originally posted on Working to Live, 14th October 2011]

My first letter should have arrived at that Practice this morning (then again, who knows with Royal Mail?) I haven't had a call or email so perhaps I shall get a letter in reply some point next week.

I've just finished another letter application - new advert found, posted online today, requesting applications by post. Mine is done - after printing off the covering letter and kicking myself for spelling dental 'practise' not practice. All ready to go in the postbox tomorrow morning before I head off on for another fun-filled day at the Shop.

The wage for this job isn't wonderful; hourly rate is lower than what I'm currently on, but the flip side is that it is 40 hours a week so I'd be earning over £900 per month (minus tax) which is a hell of a lot healthier than my income right now!

I always try to do my best with a letter - some people don't know where addresses should go, how to address the person you are writing to, good grammar (although I don't pretend to be an expert on that in the slightest!) and spelling (practise / practice - don't get those wrong!) and even how to sign off a letter.

Even the envelope is important - crisp and clean, stamp perfectly aligned and address in perfectly neat handwriting. If it sounds like I'm a perfectionist, it's because I am in this regard. I'm always concerned that a messy address makes my application look bad or that a spelling error I've missed will reduce my chances of an interview. You just don't know what might rule you out, especially when so many people apply for the same job these days. Some little thing could cost you the job.

I do make a note regarding my notice period - I can provide one week to my current employer, which gives them an indication of when I can start with them. Sounds blissful! One week!

I live in hope. I'm tempted to write my resignation letter in preparation for that glorious moment but I don't want to jinx it!! ;)


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