Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Best laid plans

I had it nicely worked out.

I would deliver my application yesterday evening after work.  The letter would be read this morning and perhaps by the time I finished my shift I might receive a call this afternoon, or Thursday when I'm free most of the day.

Then 'things' happened, as they do and I was unable to deliver my application yesterday.  No worries.  I'll deliver it today!  That still gives me most of tomorrow to anticipate any immediate response (unlikely perhaps, but not impossible to hope for).

I've just been out and posted my application to Ten-Minute and just as I turned to leave I noticed the practice opening times pinned up next to the door.

They are a bit different to what is on their website.

Namely, that they are closed on Thursdays.

Wonderful.  Now they won't see my application until Friday morning and I'm at work pretty much all day.  Any phone call they may make won't be picked up (except by my voice mail) and I won't finish work in time to return any calls because they close mid-afternoon.

So I have to wait even longer.  Yes, I'm a tad impatient and probably expecting too-quick a response from them, I know.  I was just hopeful that I'd hear back fairly swiftly and am a tad annoyed that their website doesn't give accurate opening times.


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