Friday, 4 May 2012

Renewed Efforts

[Originally posted on Working to Live, 6th February 2012]

Right, had enough.

I am very grateful to my current employer - taking me on as a Christmas temp, then offering me an extended contract ... but the vague promises of being made permanent and no indication as to how many extra hours I might get as a result ... well, I can't hang around.

Don't get me wrong, it's a nice job. Much nicer than some of my previous jobs. But 'nice' doesn't pay the bills. Location is very convenient, but what good is that if I'm not able to progress? The hourly rate isn't particularly high and without working Sundays (which is time and a half pay) I'm really not earning much at all.

A permanent offer of employment would be nice. But ultimately I intend to move on regardless. I don't want the spend the rest of my working life sat at a till.

I still want to get into dental nursing. This morning I decided to try an alternative route into the profession. I come from an administration background, so why not start applying for receptionist roles in dental surgeries? Gets me into the right working environment for a start! And it's something I'm already very well qualified to do.

My many applications for trainee dental nurse roles have not so much as yielded a single interview. Time to change tactics.


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