Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Another Route

[Originally posted on Working to Live, 12th October 2011]

Found another trainee post to apply for. Not in an ideal location but it's worth a shot regardless.

Now, re-visiting those three applications I sent last week - one I got a reply from (the sorry-too-late-but-we'll-keep-your-details one) and the other two have been silent.

That's not all that surprising these days; you tend to only be contacted if you're shortlisted for interview. I don't often get a 'sorry, we've filled the post' or 'you have not been shortlisted' reply - I do like them because you can stop needlessly getting your hopes up.

However, I'd rather like to work at one particular place I applied to which has not responded. It was the one I had to apply a second time as the email address apparently didn't exist so had to go directly through their website.

It's been a week and no reply. I don't know how often those messages are checked, who checks them or what happens. Emails are easily ignored or simply missed, read and then forgotten about.

A tangible letter and CV that's in your hand, however, is something that is more likely to be dealt with. So I wrote out a covering letter, much like the one I tried to email in the first place, and have posted it this evening. I imagine they'll receive it on Friday morning.

It might just garner a response from them. It's just plain rude to ignore a letter after all. So many people apply for jobs via email these days it does make me wonder if the old fashioned letter works better at getting the attention of the employer.

Just an idea really but we'll see what happens. If it's a no, then fine, it's just nice to get an answer, don't you agree? And it's not like there's a closing date either, the advert is constantly on their site - if you're not accepting applications then it shouldn't be there, so it makes sense that they'd consider each application that arrives.

As always: fingers crossed.


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