Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Blogs of Interest

Going off topic with this post.

Well, the post is actually about going off topic!

Typically, anyone with a blog will maintain a Blog Roll with a list of various other blogs that are similar in content to their own.  I have thoroughly enjoyed a series of wait-staff blogs who invariably link to each other, sharing stories of their working life, funny incidents, or general insights into their jobs.

I would have liked to have done that but I've been searching on Google to no avail.  Any dentistry related blogs are typically those of a practice; their latest offers, maybe changes in staff.  It's more like business announcements to their patients rather than insights into their work.

I also can not find any blogs written specifically by a dental nurse.

Perhaps there are some out there and I just haven't been able to find them.  If you do happen to know of one, please share the link with me!

Ultimately, this has led me to the point where, were I to only include dentistry related blogs my list would look pretty darn sparse and boring.

So, I figure why not share the blogs that I actually enjoy visiting in general?  I enjoy a variety of topics and if a blog has a great writer then why not share it?   So take a gander at my Blogs of Interest (to me at any rate!) list - you may find something you like.

I plan to add to the list gradually with links to blogs on topics such as health, money management, humour and the just plain random!  Hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do!

My Milk Toof

My Milk Toof

Possibly the most charming photo web-comic I've ever had the pleasure to read!

Meet ickle and Lardee, two adorable little milk teef who come back home and have wonderful adventures together.

The amount of time, effort and work that goes into creating these sweet little stories is incredible.  I cannot recommend "Sick Lardee" enough!

ickle reads sick lardee a wonderful fairytale ...

Saturday, 25 August 2012

No Answer

I'm sure that if you read the title of this post. you will probably be able to guess how I'm feeling right now.

It's the single most horrible thing about job hunting - not getting an answer.

Especially when you're given a timeframe in which to expect the phone call.

Questions go round in your mind - have they actually finished all the interviews?  Did someone have to re-arrange?  Have any of the people involved in making the decisions been off work ill perhaps?  Has the final decision simply not been made yet??

Why tell someone when to expect your call and then not call them?

I now have to try to put this out of my mind until Tuesday.


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Still nothing

Still no phone call.

I sincerely hope that by tomorrow, all interviews will have been concluded and that decisions for the second round have been finalised so that all that remains to give those lucky people a quick phone call ...

I could do without being driven ever-so-slightly insane with what feels like endless waiting.  OK, it's only been a week since the interview and yes they did say they'd call 'towards the end of next week' but as every job hunter will know, the sitting around waiting for an answer period really does a number on your nerves and patience.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Nothing yet

No phone call yet.  I have a long shift at work tomorrow so I'm half hoping to find a voice mail once my shift is up.

God, I used to think I was patient!!  The waiting is horrible!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Making Time

It's quite a mixed bag of opinions over whether being in a job or not is helpful when seeking alternative employment.

Large periods of unemployment certainly don't look good.  But the flip side of being unemployed or working only a few hours is that you are available, for the most part, at the drop of a hat to attend interviews at your potential new employers convenience.

If you're in work it may not be that easy.

Sure, it looks good; no or very few gaps in employment, a current reference available, and should the job be something you took on purely for the sake of earning something (or anything at all to pay the bills) it looks like you're determined and not above putting in some hard graft.

HOWEVER ... your 'this'll do' employment may well get in the way of attending interviews.  Particularly if you can not get time off at short notice to attend said interviews, scuppering your changes of gaining better employment!

In my case, if I want time off, I have to book it around six weeks in advance.  Yes - six weeks!  The rotas are varied and I typically get one weekday off per week.  And sometimes I get a weekend day off.

I was lucky that I received my invitation to interview just before I had a Thursday off work.  Now that I'm waiting on a phone call I'm really hoping to hear back on Wednesday at the latest, because I happen to have this Thursday off as well.  With a little luck, I could potentially get my second interview to tie in nicely with my day off.

The main problem I have hit is that if I don't hear back in time, next week is awkward.  I have the bank holiday off work, but I imagine that the practice is closed that day anyway.  The only other day I have off that week is Saturday.  The practice isn't open on weekends.

I can't ask for the day off because the rota is already set.

The only way around that issue is to swap shifts with someone.  So I consider myself very lucky that one of my colleagues is quite willing to swap with me - I'll work his Saturday shift and he'll take one of my weekday shifts to free up a day.

That said, I may not even need a full day - if it's not inconvenient for the practice, I could offer to attend a morning one day and an afternoon on another day.  Granted there's every chance that that won't be very convenient but it's another option available.

Thus, my initial panic of 'oh my god, I only have this Thursday free' has now been calmed.  I have options.

I just have to wait on that phone call and just hope that it's good news.  I doubt I'll hear anything today now since they're only open for another hour or so.

Maybe tomorrow ...

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Patience is not a virtue when you're waiting on something important.  The next few days are going to be an agonising wait.

I almost hope that they call whilst I'm working, so it can just go to voice mail and I can weep or scream joyfully as the result dictates.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Round One Complete

I think my interview went OK.  :)

I was quite nervous - which is typically my downfall in interviews these days.  But I do think the practice manager understood and I hope I otherwise made a good impression.

As already mentioned, there are two jobs up for grabs.  The trainee dental nurse role is three days a week, which would actually give me more hours than I'm currently working.  I currently work short shifts over six days but three solid days works out better.  It would also involve going to college for one evening a week.

That role would be great since it would get me straight in with the training.

On the other hand, the receptionist role will also involve some dental nursing responsibilities so it would be a great stepping stone towards becoming a dental nurse.  Added to that the job is full time, five days a week - so the money would be a lot better.

So they're pretty balanced as to which one I'd like to have.  If I'm offered either of them, I'll gladly accept!

But I am going to have to wait until next week to find out if I'm through to Round Two of the interview.  It would involve spending a day at the practice, being on reception to see how I am with the patients, and some time in with the dentists, shadowing a dental nurse.

All sounds quite exciting!  I'm hopeful, partly because I doubt I would have been told what Round Two consists of if I didn't have a hope in hell of being invited back.

I don't know how many other people are being interviewed.  I applied to this practice simply ages ago and got a call back, so I'm pondering how many other people they've simply called up from their stock of CV's.  Like I've said before, I'm not surprised that companies don't have to advertise their vacancies any more - with so many people looking for work, they can save a lot of money by simply going through the applications they already have.

I've got my fingers crossed that I'll at least get invited back.  With two jobs up for grabs I can imagine maybe four people getting through to Round Two.

Shall just have to sit tight and hope for the best!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Received a letter today from a Practice I recently applied to.  Another 'Sorry, no vacancies but we'll keep your CV for future reference'.

Which is fine by me!  It may be a no, but at least they replied.

Rather nervous about my interview tomorrow.  Already getting my clothes sorted, shoes will be polished this evening (they've got rather grubby, I'm at a loss as to how!) and satnav is set.  I've already driven to the Practice to have a look around.  It doesn't appear to have its own parking so I'll have to find a street nearby to park.  I would have gone for the supermarkets car park nearby but it's for a limited period so that rules that out!  Still, it should allow for enough time for my interview.  Failing that, I'll be driving up early so I can always circle round, find a place and explore for potential places.

Should all go well, I'll still have to work my notice which will allow plenty of time to scout the area.

Trying not to get my hopes up too much since I've been disappointed before but it's such a lift to have the possibility of a new job!

Friday, 10 August 2012


Just as I was starting to really feel down about the seemingly endless job hunting, I got a phone call this afternoon.

It was from a dental practice that I applied to months ago.  It transpires that there are some new vacancies.

One is a part-time dental nurse.  The other is for a full time receptionist.

Without knowing more, I can't be sure which one I would accept, should I be offered either.

I feel that it largely hinges on how 'part-time' the part-time job is.  It's a half hour drive so I have petrol costs to consider.  The practice is open five days a week (no weekends), so does part-time consist of a few hours on each of the five days, or three or four full days?  If it's less than three full days then the money probably won't be worth it.  I'd need closer to 30 hours to make it worthwhile.

On the flip side - it's a dental nurse job.  I could get started on my training.

Yet, the receptionist role is full time - just what I need as far as the money goes.  Plus it would be within a dental practice - that's a decent springboard if ever I saw one!  I could theoretically accept the reception job, gain a good understanding of what the dental do and how the receptionist supports them, deal with the patients etc.  It's all the background work and many dental nurses double as receptionists anyway.

There's potential there in spite of it not being a dental nurse job.  The hours and money obviously what I need and I can use it as a learning experience whilst continuing to search for a full time dental nurse job or perhaps I will get the opportunity to start some training whilst working reception.

Without knowing more details at this moment in time, I'm leaning a little towards the receptionist job.

Interview is next Thursday.  Shall see how it goes.  :)

Saturday, 4 August 2012

One Month

One more month to go and I shall receive my final vaccination against Hepatitis B.

I'm quite confident that been fully vaccinated will help my job search.  It's a major requirement of working in an environment where you are more than likely going to come into contact with blood.

Tonight's is another short post but I shall follow this one up with somewhat more detail on Hepatitis B and why it's so important for dental nurses (and indeed all dental staff) to be vaccinated.

Friday, 3 August 2012


Right!  Boot up the backside today!

August is suddenly upon us and I did not apply to as many dental practices as I should have last month.  Yes, I'm ashamed of that - I should not be slacking!

I've located another practice that isn't too far away, but would require an early morning drive.  My ultimate goal is to move out of my home town, so I'm more than happy to move for the sake of a job - especially to a slightly more affordable area.

It's a small village practice but like all of them, it's worth a shot!

I've also emailed a more local practice as to the name of their practice manager - all I could find on their website was a first name; no title or surname.  That's not overly helpful for people wanting to write!

I intend to have both letters ready to go in Monday's post!  Think I shall take a chance this time and apply to both simultaneously.