Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Received a letter today from a Practice I recently applied to.  Another 'Sorry, no vacancies but we'll keep your CV for future reference'.

Which is fine by me!  It may be a no, but at least they replied.

Rather nervous about my interview tomorrow.  Already getting my clothes sorted, shoes will be polished this evening (they've got rather grubby, I'm at a loss as to how!) and satnav is set.  I've already driven to the Practice to have a look around.  It doesn't appear to have its own parking so I'll have to find a street nearby to park.  I would have gone for the supermarkets car park nearby but it's for a limited period so that rules that out!  Still, it should allow for enough time for my interview.  Failing that, I'll be driving up early so I can always circle round, find a place and explore for potential places.

Should all go well, I'll still have to work my notice which will allow plenty of time to scout the area.

Trying not to get my hopes up too much since I've been disappointed before but it's such a lift to have the possibility of a new job!


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