Friday, 10 August 2012


Just as I was starting to really feel down about the seemingly endless job hunting, I got a phone call this afternoon.

It was from a dental practice that I applied to months ago.  It transpires that there are some new vacancies.

One is a part-time dental nurse.  The other is for a full time receptionist.

Without knowing more, I can't be sure which one I would accept, should I be offered either.

I feel that it largely hinges on how 'part-time' the part-time job is.  It's a half hour drive so I have petrol costs to consider.  The practice is open five days a week (no weekends), so does part-time consist of a few hours on each of the five days, or three or four full days?  If it's less than three full days then the money probably won't be worth it.  I'd need closer to 30 hours to make it worthwhile.

On the flip side - it's a dental nurse job.  I could get started on my training.

Yet, the receptionist role is full time - just what I need as far as the money goes.  Plus it would be within a dental practice - that's a decent springboard if ever I saw one!  I could theoretically accept the reception job, gain a good understanding of what the dental do and how the receptionist supports them, deal with the patients etc.  It's all the background work and many dental nurses double as receptionists anyway.

There's potential there in spite of it not being a dental nurse job.  The hours and money obviously what I need and I can use it as a learning experience whilst continuing to search for a full time dental nurse job or perhaps I will get the opportunity to start some training whilst working reception.

Without knowing more details at this moment in time, I'm leaning a little towards the receptionist job.

Interview is next Thursday.  Shall see how it goes.  :)


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