Friday, 3 August 2012


Right!  Boot up the backside today!

August is suddenly upon us and I did not apply to as many dental practices as I should have last month.  Yes, I'm ashamed of that - I should not be slacking!

I've located another practice that isn't too far away, but would require an early morning drive.  My ultimate goal is to move out of my home town, so I'm more than happy to move for the sake of a job - especially to a slightly more affordable area.

It's a small village practice but like all of them, it's worth a shot!

I've also emailed a more local practice as to the name of their practice manager - all I could find on their website was a first name; no title or surname.  That's not overly helpful for people wanting to write!

I intend to have both letters ready to go in Monday's post!  Think I shall take a chance this time and apply to both simultaneously.


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