Thursday, 26 July 2012

Writers Block

I've started and discarded about three posts this evening.  I have subjects in mind and can't seem to get them to come together without rambling unnecessarily.

Guess you'll have to make to do with a brief note; hot weather has finally hit the UK and I'm melting, cowering in the shade and praying for winter.  [I'm not a sun worshipper by a LONG shot!]  A medical emergency with a friend has kept me running all over the place to play nursemaid, then back to work at both my jobs, and back again, repeatedly for the past week.

I'm knackered and have had no time to job hunt.

So I sat down about an hour ago, having had a few ideas for some good and hopefully interesting posts and my brain is refusing to cooperate.

I'm getting a cup of tea and ... oh, I was about to put 'pick up a good book' but I'm out of books to read.  Everything I have has been read at least twice and the only new book I have I finished yesterday.  Oh well, I don't think I could concentrate in this heat anyway.  Perhaps I'll put a film on - that doesn't require much, just sit and veg.

I'll return with something more interesting next time. Promise!

PS - My friend is on the mend now :)


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