Wednesday, 11 July 2012


I finally used my Aquafresh coupon.  Found the Ultimate variety in my local Tesco and dutifully chose the + Whitening version.

As I'm standing in the queue for the self-service tills, I spot in the tiny text that the coupon is for the 75ml tubes.  I double-check the box.  Ah, I have picked up the 100ml.  But now I'm stuck again since 100ml was clearly the only size on the shelf - there wasn't anything smaller in the Aquafresh range.  Great - now where am I supposed to find the smaller version?

Well, I'm now standing in front of a till.  It's worth a try, just to see if the coupon will work.  If it doesn't, I can just say I didn't see the 75ml in the tiny text ... it's small, I wear glasses, that'll fly if needs be.

"Please scan your coupon!"  ... *hold up barcode* ... beep ... "Coupon accepted"

Mwahaha!  It works on the 100ml!

So if you happen to get a coupon that specifies a certain size, turns out it's worth giving it a go on the larger product!

I don't think I really need to buy any more toothpaste for a while


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