Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Importance of Being Up-To-Date

I have a working history of over ten years.  I've had a few different jobs, gained a variety of skills and experience.

Compiling it all into one document can become a little tricky - what to include, what's relevant and what isn't.

Potentially, one area that some people may neglet is how up-to-date some of their information is.

For example; references.   Not everyone includes these on their CV's and there is debate as to whether they ought to be.  I chose to include mine as I had the space.  I have three - my current employer, a recent employer, and someone I do volunteer work with.

My 'recent' employer is from an office and the named person is not my original referree.  Reason?  My manager, whom I got along with fabulously and respected, decided to retire last year.

I had kept in touch with people in that office so I knew that she would be leaving.  So I quickly asked someone else to provide a reference.  It wouldn't be nice for my manager to be distrubed whilst enjoying her retirement - to say nothing of the fact I don't have a private contact number for her!

You can picture it now - I have a fabulous interview and it hinges on the references.  They phone the number I provided and ask to speak to Mrs.Ref ... oh, she retired last year?  Well, who else can we speak to??  This isn't very professional ... shadows of doubt, feelings of annoyance and timewasting ... doesn't reflect well on me, does it?

Yesterday, I received news of something else that I'll have to change on my CV.

About a year ago I designed and built a website for a friend.  I'm no computer wizz but the site was pretty good.  So that has been included under my IT skills section of my CV.

Yesterday, my friend texted me to ask how to close it down.

So now that the site is not going to be visable on the internet very shortly, I can't include that information as it is.

I can not include the website address, but I can still state that I built a website and include some screenshot printouts in my portfolio.  That's really the best way around it.  I don't want to omit what I did because it's a great example of IT skills, but if the website no longer exists then it would be pointless to include an address - potential employers won't be able to view it!

So where's this website?  The address doesn't even exist!?
If they ask during interviews about it, then I can be honest and state that the owner chose to close it recently but I still have evidence of it in my portfolio which I can then show them.

Even before now, I would check that the website was still up, just in case my friend took it down without mentioning it first.

Always check what you include in your CV, particularly references and anything that can potentially change or go out of date.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Repeat Job Application

I've posted off another job application this morning.

I'm somewhat more hopeful of gaining a reply from this Practice as I've been in contact with them before.

Near the end of last year, I applied for dental nurse job that they were advertising on directgov but was unfortunately too late: they'd already filled the post when they received my application.

BUT ... they liked my CV and offered to keep it on file for any upcoming vacancies!

That was awesome news!  However, you should never assume that anyone is going to hold onto your CV forever more - you need to revisit and make contact again later.  Preferably with a more up-to-date CV.  Which is what I've done.

Basically, I've highlighted that we have communicated before and that they kindly offered to keep my CV on file (always good to remind of this and that you're not just randomly contacting them), so I am now sending along my updated CV, highlighting that since my last application for a dental nurse role, I have been getting vacinated against Hepatitis B (a job requirement) and of course studying the textbook.

Not only am I keeping a communication going with them, I can demonstrate that I'm still serious about the career path and have been working towards it.

Whether or not they yet have any vacancies, it doesn't matter.  They'll have my recent CV and be reminded that they considered me in the past - I'm still a viable candidate.

Saturday, 23 June 2012


My free sample from Aquafresh turned up in the post this morning.

In addition, they sent me a coupon for 50p off Aquafresh Ultimate or Aquafresh Ultimate + Whitening (75ml size).  It's valid until the end of July and as an added bonus, I'm fairly certain that my current employer happens to stock it.  Excellent!  Staff discount and a coupon - that's cheap toothpaste!

No point letting the coupon go to waste; I'll get around to using all my little sample tubes eventually!
My free sample :)

Friday, 22 June 2012

The Right Person

Here's a tip for job hunters.  Particularly if you happen to pound the streets, a stack of CVs in hand, popping into shops and such, and then go up to someone to ask if there are any jobs available.

Ask to speak to the manager.  Or the duty manager if the manager isn't available.

Don't go up random employees and expect them to know the most up-to-date vacancy situation. 

Especially don't stand in a long queue and hold up the people waiting to pay for their goods whilst you question the cashier; there are supervisors around, at the very least go and ask them.

This has happened to me a lot recently.  I currently work as a cashier and it puzzles me no end that people seem to think that 'I' am the person to ask.  There are always a number of supervisors around - heck, we have a Help Desk!  Either of those would make a more sensible choice of 'who to ask'.

Instead, someone will come up to me, ask if we have any jobs going, and then hand me a CV asking if they can leave it with us.  Sure, I'll take it, but you've just missed a golden opportunity to speak to management directly since you've already turned to leave as soon as I take hold of your CV.

When I write to potential employers, I try to find out the most appropriate person to address my letter to.  If I can get the name of the practice manager, then that's awesome; they are more than likely to have the power to hire and fire.  If a practice manager appears to be elusive, then I address it to the senior dentist.

What good would it do to address my letter to a dentist at random?  Or one of the hygienists?  It would waste their time and imply that I can't be bothered to give my application some thought and reach the most logical conclusion.

In addition, I always write to a named person.  It's just plain lazy and rude to write Dear Sir / Madam. If you got a letter would you rather someone actually get your name correct (that includes spelling!) or a vague sir / madam that implies they can't be bothered to find out who you are?

With my current employer, I'm fully aware that several individuals are job hunting.  Beyond that, I have no idea whether anyone has recently been successful and handed their notice in.  Management are going to be far more aware of that than I.  They'll know whether they can absorb the loss or need to employ someone new.

As a 'random' employee working on the shop floor ... how do you propose that I will know anything specific about it?

Ask for the person in charge!  If they are available and can speak to you face-to-face, they could potentially have a quick chat with you, consider whether you are potentially employable - if you're extremely lucky, they might offer you a impromptu interview on the spot.  You just don't know, if you don't bother to speak to the right person

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

All a Little Quiet

I've had not a single response from anyone yet.  No phone call, no letter, no email.  Disappointing, but I guess one or two may consider keeping my CV on hand for a while at least.

I've also not yet received my free sample from Aquafresh which is annoying.  I'm aware that the website states 'while stocks last' but if they've run out then they ought to remove that offer.

Shall be writing another letter tomorrow - this time to a practice I've actually had a reply from before.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Off we go again - another application sent off in the post this morning.

Another local Practice, it's practically round the corner from an office where I used to work.  Thus spawning the pseudo-name of RTC (obviously short for round-the-corner).  I know - I'm just so creative with these!

Location is handy, but it'll be a quick hike in the mornings.  Wouldn't be worth driving really since it's within a fair distance and their car park isn't very big and I don't want to take up space unnecessarily.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Anatomy of a Tooth

All teeth are made up of a crown and the roots.  The crown is the section that you can see within your mouth, sitting above the gums.  The roots consist of everything below the gumline.  The point where the crown and roots meet is refered to as the neck.

Each tooth consists of four elements; enamel, dentine, cementum, and the pulp.

Encyclopedia Britannica

Enamel - the outer coating of the crown and is the hardest substance in the human body

Dentine - the main body of the tooth, making up the interior of the crown and root.  It is protected by the enamel in the crown and by cementum in the roots.

Cementum - like the enamel, it is a protective coating of the tooth, covering the roots below the gumline.

Pulp - differs from the other three in that it is soft tissue, lying in the centre of each tooth, containing nerves and blood vessels.

Thursday, 7 June 2012


Well this week has been somewhat unproductive as far as job hunting goes.  Things have just been somewhat busy with work and home - happens to us all, doesn't it?

My weekend is looking to be busy - I finally have a Saturday off work (such a rarity!) so I dutifully made plans to enjoy it.

As for Five-Minute and East Village ... neither have replied to my applications.  I'm hoping that either or both will at least consider keeping my cv on file should something come up.  However, I'm off the school of thought that you should reply to correspondance, even if it's just a quick email to say 'thanks for your application, sorry we have no vacancies'.   I personally find it rude not to recieve an answer.

It's a little different these days if you're one of (maybe) hundreds of people answering a job advert, I can appreciate they may be unable to respond to everyone other than those shortlisted - but a direct letter of enquiry should recieve a reply.

Hopefully next week will be somewhat more productive.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Aquafresh Ultimate - Free Sample

Sign up to the Aquafresh Club to recieve a free sample of Aquafresh Ultimate!

Members can enter prize draws and recieve information (by email or post as per your preference) on exclusive offers.

I've signed up myself for the sample and to see what the offers are like.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Professional Status

Dental nursing became a recognised profession in 2008.

All dental nurses must be registered with the General Dental Council; the governing body of the dental profession.