Monday, 11 June 2012

Anatomy of a Tooth

All teeth are made up of a crown and the roots.  The crown is the section that you can see within your mouth, sitting above the gums.  The roots consist of everything below the gumline.  The point where the crown and roots meet is refered to as the neck.

Each tooth consists of four elements; enamel, dentine, cementum, and the pulp.

Encyclopedia Britannica

Enamel - the outer coating of the crown and is the hardest substance in the human body

Dentine - the main body of the tooth, making up the interior of the crown and root.  It is protected by the enamel in the crown and by cementum in the roots.

Cementum - like the enamel, it is a protective coating of the tooth, covering the roots below the gumline.

Pulp - differs from the other three in that it is soft tissue, lying in the centre of each tooth, containing nerves and blood vessels.


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