Thursday, 7 June 2012


Well this week has been somewhat unproductive as far as job hunting goes.  Things have just been somewhat busy with work and home - happens to us all, doesn't it?

My weekend is looking to be busy - I finally have a Saturday off work (such a rarity!) so I dutifully made plans to enjoy it.

As for Five-Minute and East Village ... neither have replied to my applications.  I'm hoping that either or both will at least consider keeping my cv on file should something come up.  However, I'm off the school of thought that you should reply to correspondance, even if it's just a quick email to say 'thanks for your application, sorry we have no vacancies'.   I personally find it rude not to recieve an answer.

It's a little different these days if you're one of (maybe) hundreds of people answering a job advert, I can appreciate they may be unable to respond to everyone other than those shortlisted - but a direct letter of enquiry should recieve a reply.

Hopefully next week will be somewhat more productive.


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