Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Car Insurance

[Originally posted on Working to Live, 21st July 2011]

My car insurance renewal is coming up - I recieved my reminder in the post recently. I had to phone them up to make a few changes to the policy, including my job which is specified on the policy.

What I didn't realise was that my profession has an effect on the pricing. Whilst I was temporarily working in web development, the price was quite low - my policy was up for renewal just as I'd accepted the job. But now that I'm a shop assistant, the price has leapt upwards! This is because that more shop assistants have accidents than web developers - yet statistically, there's a lot more shop assistants in the country so of course the accident rate is understandably higher given that there's more of us out on the roads! Odds are, we'll be in accidents sooner or later.

I was slightly miffed at that, being judged as a higher risk because of my job. I honestly don't see how it has a bearing on the likelyhood of me personally having an accident. Shop assistants are not auotmatically worse drivers, there's simply more of us.

But then, out of curiosity I asked what it would be if I were a dental nurse.

Surprise surprise, it's at the lower end.

Mental note - change car insurance policy the minute I gain new employment!


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