Wednesday, 26 September 2012


My current job and my desired job collided unexpectedly the other day.

I'm sat at my till, serving an elderly man.  I turn away for a moment to look at my till screen.

I hear a clattering sound.

I immediately look round to see a set of false bottom teeth bouncing down my till!

I don't know if the poor man had opened his mouth to say something or what, but his teeth were making a break for it and his shirt was rather damp.

He apologised immediately, then grabbed his teeth and shoved straight back into his mouth.

Both rather gross and unfortunate. 

It was only after he left that it occurred to me that perhaps I should have recommended he visit his dentist.  Perhaps it's not my place to do so, bearing in mind I am employed as a cashier, not a dental nurse at this moment in time.  But to be frank, if your teeth can fall out of your mouth that easily, they obviously do not fit properly!

False teeth should fit reasonably snugly - just tight enough that they don't fall out when you open your mouth, but loose enough that you can remove them when necessary without difficulty.  It's a fine line and worth getting a set that fit perfectly.

Otherwise the teeth could land somewhere less pleasant.

Yes, I did have the till cleaned shortly after.   I hope he thought to clean his teeth when he got home!


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