Sunday, 16 September 2012


In 12 days time I shall be off on a weekend break.

I can not wait!

I haven't had a holiday of any description for over a year.  When I started as a Christmas temp in my current job, I didn't dare take any time off - primarily due to having no idea whether I'd still have a job after Christmas.

Then throughout January in spite of asking several times whether I was being kept on, I never got a straight answer.

So in spite of earning a few days off, the holiday entitlement has to be taken before February.  Hence, I lost what few days I might have had.  Then I had to start afresh but with the same unanswered question of 'Am I still going to be employed next week?'

Considering I'm still there nearly a year on, I'd say I'm unlikely to be told anytime soon that they're cancelling my contract.

Since February I've earned 13 days of my allotted 20.  So I'm going to be taking 3 at the end of this month.  Then take some time off in November (hopefully a week!), then perhaps some time in December and January to use up the remaining days.

It's about time I had a break!

I shall be sightseeing, visiting museums and a special trip to a charity that my grandmother supported.  Until now I haven't had a change to visit since it's well outside the range of 'local'.

I'm also taking my boyfriend along ... although he has no idea where we're off to!!  Mwhaha - I'm keeping the details under wraps!


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