Sunday, 2 September 2012

Time for a Break

Well ... it's been two weeks since my interview.  No phone call.  I'm calling time on that one - there's only so long you can reasonably assume that 'they're busy' and not got around to calling.

Needless to say that's a huge disappointment.

I felt the interview went very well; I asked plenty of good questions, I ticked all the boxes ... really the only hitches that I could see were being rather nervous (it's a frakking interview, what do they expect?) and the question of 'you've had a number of different jobs' ... yes, I have a ten year working history, five years of which I spent in one place and then the recession hit, leading to a few short-lived employments and now coming up for a year in my current role.

Seriously, if that was such a major issue then anyone affected by the recession is going to be penalised!  Ridiculous.

I can show my commitment to the career path of being a dental nurse; I've been studying the handbook, I'm paying for the Hepatitis vaccine out of my own pocket, I've paid for a CRB check, I have the administration and receptionist background and I'm very keen to learn.

So why was I not given a chance with a second interview to see me in action on reception and spend a little time in the surgery with the dental team?

It's such a kick in the teeth when I did so well with my last interview and it got down to me and one other woman, out of forty who originally applied.

But what really gets me is the total lack of contact.  If I'm not through to the next round then is 30 seconds out of your day asking too much?  Pick up the damn phone - 'Hi, this is Dental Practice, I'm sorry to inform you that you've not be selected for the second round of interviews, good luck in your job search.'   Is that genuinely asking too much these days??

Just call will you!?

Sorry, but this is the worst thing you can do to any job hunter - leave them sitting, anxiously waiting on a phone call you don't intend to make.   Especially when you say that you will call!

Either keep your promise or give a time frame: "If you haven't heard by x date then you've been unsuccessful.'  Thank you, that's so much more beneficial to my mental state than trying to make excuses for your rudeness of not calling me back.

Well - sucks to them.  I know I'll be a great dental nurse and my administration skills are brilliant.  They have missed out.  And I'm not the sort of person who feels comfortable with bigging myself up.  I don't boast.  But I am good at what I do and I will be a good dental nurse.

With that in mind and having got over the disappointment and the anxious state of mind they put me through this past two weeks - I'm taking a short break from job hunting.

This is partly due to my final Hep B vaccination taking place later this week - not much point in applying until I'm fully vaccinated now.  Looks so much better on my CV to be frank.

The other aspect is that I have been working my rear end off for a year without a break.  I did have a holiday last year for three weeks but since then, I've been working two jobs over six days a week.  I've not had any time off beyond my allotted rest day from work.

I've got three days off coming up at the end of this month which I fully intend to do something with.  I can not abide the idea of sitting at home doing sod all.  So I'm plotting a trip to the Lincoln area and its historic sites.

I also have to plan for my stint as a Dungeon Master for my RPG group.  Yes, I run with the nerd crowd and proud of it!  I shall be conducting an adventure for the classic Dungeons and Dragons game and I can not wait to get absorbed in the planning!

They shall decide your fate!

My brain needs a rest from the worry and repeated job applications.  Time for a break and to relax for a little while.  We all need some time to ourselves and to devote to hobbies and relaxation.  Yes, job hunting is very important but without a little downtime now and then, I'm going to do ever so slightly insane ... if I'm not already.


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