Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Electric vs Conventional

I'm already packing a few things for my upcoming trip.

One thing we all take with us?  Our toothbrush!

Since my first (and sadly unsuccessful) interview for a trainee dental nurse position, I have owned an electric toothbrush - courtesy of my potential employers as a consolation prize.

Now I'm off for a long weekend, I've taken a look at it and thought 'Huh, that's not going to work out.'

The electric toothbrush can be charged ... but exactly how long does it last?

In my experience - not that long.

I have my doubts it'll last the whole trip.  I take my time brushing my teeth.  It's not a quick scrub and spit!   I like the health of my teeth and gums and would very much like to maintain that.  Not to mention it wouldn't look very good to proclaim my interest in a dentistry career when my own teeth are in an awful state!

Not that I'm a fanatic!  God no - I can assure you that my regime doesn't consist of endless brushing, tooth-picking, tongue-scrapping, mouthwash-rinsing, and flossing every frakking day!  I just take my time over the brushing, and floss when it's needed.  And I love a thorough tongue-scrape now and again.

Any hoo.  Back to the brush.  I take my time - that runs the battery down.  I don't want to get to the last day and find my toothbrush is dead!

What about the charger I hear you ask?  Sure.  I could take it.  But it's not small: it consists of a stand with a rack for the extra brush heads and accessories.

Not to mention that the lead is way too short!  That was my immediate problem when I got the darn thing home.  It would not reach the plug in the bathroom.  It now sits in my bedroom on a low table next to a plug with an adaptor plug.
Seriously - I don't need to cart all of this around!

I really don't want to faff around, packing the charger and the plug, when really all I need to do is spend a quid on a manual toothbrush.

I've managed all this time without an electric toothbrush and my dentist has complimented me on my well-looked-after teeth.

It's not going to kill me to have a manual toothbrush for the weekend!

The humble manual tooth scrubber - it does the job just fine!

How about you?  Can you not live without your electric?  Would you take it, accessories and all?  Can you be bothered with one?  Do you have both??  Any preference?


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