Monday, 19 November 2012


I've got an interview set up for tomorrow.

I found a voice mail on my phone after finishing my shift at work asking me to call them back about setting up an interview.  Hooray!

Went home, checked that it was Monday's they are open late, and called.

Then I nearly lost out on the usual circus of trying to fit an interview into their schedule and mine.  The dentist is doing 'lunchtime' interviews - the only days I'm available are Wednesday all day and Friday morning of this week.  All other days I'm in work.  Not an easy thing to swap shifts at such short notice!

It didn't help matters that the woman I spoke sounded quite put out when she explained that they wanted to wrap up the interviews this week.  Gee, thanks, that's helpful!  Tuesday next week would have worked if that wasn't the case!

I asked what the latest time they could do was - quarter to 2.  Right, I finish work at 12.30 tomorrow.  I can run home, get changed, throw a mouthful of food down my throat as a substitute for lunch, jump in the car and zoom across town to make it on time.

No problem.

I hope.

Potential employers really don't give much leeway on interview days/times do they?   It would be fine if they specified in the job advert that interviews will be held during x week or on x day - then applicants can make arrangements in advance!

Us 'shift-workers' who can't get a day off at a moments notice ... well, that's less than conducive to finding better jobs if we can't be available at the drop of a hat.

Really makes me wonder how many people have to turn down interviews because of their current job.  How many pull a sickie so that they can go?   Of course, you can't ask for a day off and then 'mysteriously' fall ill that morning - that just looks suspicious to the boss!

Oh, and wanting to wrap up the interviews by the end of the week, you'd think they'd ask for the job advert to be removed from the website I found them on.  Someone seeing the advert and applying for it today or tomorrow doesn't have a hope!

I wish I could feel more positive about this right now, but that kind of "well, if you aren't available ..." attitude really annoys me.

I once had a call very late in the evening, inviting me to an interview the very next morning - how is that any good for the applicant?   There's no time to prepare.  No time to make childcare arrangements (if applicable) and certainly no time to get the day off work to attend!   I certainly couldn't attend for that very reason!  The response was essentially, 'Oh, well, if you're not available you're going to miss out.'  Fine.  Good luck phoning people at 10pm for a 7am interview tomorrow morning!   (I didn't really want to work there to be frank - it was a 'desperate-I-need-something-anything-application)

It's a catch-22 really.

In employment - I can't attend interviews at such short notice. But being in a job looks good to the potential new employer; recent reference, skills kept current etc
Not in employment - I'm available for whenever the potential employer wants to see me, but I have much less chance of being invited to interviews in the first place because I'm currently unemployed!


Right, outfit set out on wardrobe door ready for when I get home.  Bag and car keys ready.  Folder with certificates and stuff always ready.

Not much I can do now except re-read the textbook for a refresher.

Let's see how tomorrow plays out.


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