Monday, 12 November 2012


I wrote to a dental practice about three months ago; it was a general application, just to enquire whether they had any vacancies for a trainee dental nurse.

The reply: sorry, no vacancies, 'but I will keep your cv for future reference.'

Three months later (i.e. now) they are advertising for a ... lo and behold ... trainee dental nurse!  Applications to be sent to the very same person I wrote to last time and who replied.

No email.  No phone call.

Thanks for keeping my cv for future reference.

I'm applying regardless, but seriously, you don't keep a cv for even three months?

Hopefully I'll get this in the post for tomorrow.

No indication of a closing date, but the advert has only been up since Friday.

On the other hand, it's on a prominent job website - there could be a lot of competition.  Still, my Hepatitis B vaccinations are done and dusted - that ought to help.

Here we go again.


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