Monday, 8 October 2012

Firebox: Novelty Flavoured Toothpaste

On a mission to locate some Christmas presents, I stopped by for inspiration. 

Whilst there I came across these!

Yep.  You've read that correctly.  Bacon-flavoured and cupcake-flavoured toothpaste!

They are 70g and fluoride-free.

According to one of Firebox's comments, they are novelty products and a bit of fun - they are not intended as substitutes for 'real' toothpaste.   (If you're interested in either of them, but have any concerns you can always run it past your dentist to get an opinion on it.)

And just to clarify, the bacon-flavour is not suitable for vegetarians but there is a very happy comment on the cupcake-flavour from someone with diabetes who is pleased as punch as it is sugar-free but is still something sweet that she can enjoy.

Check out if you're interested!


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